The Sparkling Voyager: Membership

The Sparkling Voyager: Membership

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About the Sparkling Voyager

4 Bottles Quarterly

It starts, of course, with the world’s most iconic sparkling wine—Champagne—but true aficionados know that there’s a big, beautiful range of bubbly options in France, California, Italy, Spain, and beyond. 

Sharing the intricacies of sparkling wine production, its diverse styles, its rich history across the world, and the people behind these exquisite wines. Each four-bottle shipment is a unique adventure—and each shipment comes with expertly prepared tasting notes describing the wines in detail.

If you love wines that sparkle, this sommelier-curated club is your ultimate guide to the world’s best.

This membership will be fulfilled four times a year, in March, June, September, and December. When joining the membership, you will be charged for your first shipment on the day you sign up. If there is stock available at the time of signup we will ship your first shipment to you immediately. If you sign up and there is no stock available, you will have to wait for your first shipment to be fulfilled during the next shipping cycle. For more details on billing and shipping information please visit our FAQ article "Wine Clubs Billing & Shipping."

The first shipments will be fulfilled in Late June 2024. 

Please note: The quantity of memberships purchased does not represent the time length of the membership, it identifies how many shipments you want to receive per month.