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How it works

Picture this: Yesterday, you ordered five bottles of wine — only to have a stellar Daily Discovery land in your inbox today. Now, you’re kicking yourself for not holding off a day or two to combine shipping costs. We’ve all been there — so we’re eliminating the frustration. Enter Build A Case.


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It’s a simple concept. Purchase wines at your own pace, and when you fill a case — we ship it to you, free of charge. That’s the beauty of Build A Case. Your monthly membership covers all of your shipping costs, one case at a time. Whether you’re a Daily Discovery devotee, or a casual wine shop customer — Build A Case caters to all of your needs.

*Clubs not included

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Membership Perks

Early Access

Gain early access to special offers, seasonal sales, and exclusive bottle—helping you build your case one perk at a time.

Free Shipping

As a BAC member, the cost of shipping is included in your membership—which means the your savings will be returned to you in the ability to expand your cellar!

Bottle Holding

Enjoy free wine storage in our temperature-controlled warehouse while you continue building your next case.

Seasonal Storage

BAC members gain access to seasonal weather hold programs free of cost. Never worry about the temperatures harshing your vinous vibes!


Grow as you go! The longer you're a BAC member, the more perks you'll gain access to. From free shipping, to sommelier swag, to exclusive invites—you never know what milestone you'll hit next!

Coming Soon

Stay tuned for more exciting perks coming later in 2023!

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Build A Case, At Your Own Pace

Build A Case FAQs

You will be billed for your Build-A-Case membership once a month. The date in which you sign up for Build-A-Case will determine your billing date moving forward. For example, if you sign up on June 1, you will get billed on the 1st of every month for the membership. Please note we do not offer Build a Case to Alaska and Hawaii due to the specialized shipping required in those states. 

After selecting the wine you'd like to add to your Build A Case, simply follow the standard checkout process and select the "Build a Case" shipping method before completing your order.

Please ensure you select the same shipping address for all your Build-a-Case orders in order for them to be consolidated properly. If different shipping addresses are selected for Build-a-Case orders, your wines will be shipped to different locations. 

If you do not see the Build A Case option at checkout, double-check that you have completed your Build a Case subscription. You can confirm your subscription is active by logging into your SommSelect account and looking for the "Build A Case” membership in the Membership section of your account page.

Canceling, Pausing, or Updating a Membership can be done through the Membership section of your account page. Simply click on the membership you'd like to update and you will be directed to the management page.

Terms of cancellation: You can cancel your Build A Case subscription at any time. If you cancel with an incomplete case (less than 12 bottles), shipping fees may apply to your incomplete case.

We do our best to help you complete a case within the allotted 60-day window, but if the oldest order in your case is greater than 60 days, it will automatically be triggered to ship with all available orders.

The Build A Case portal allows you to view your case progress so you know exactly how many bottles are needed to complete each case and how many days are left to do so.

Processing a completed Build A Case can take up to 2 weeks for your case to ship once it has been filled. This allows time for the wine to reach our warehouse and for our fulfillment team to pack your case for you. You can track the processing status of your completed case in your Build A Case members portal. 

Tracking information will be sent automatically as soon as your completed case has been packed and handed off to the shipping carrier.