Classic Dinner Party Pack

Classic Dinner Party Pack

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If our first party pack seems a bit too sommelier focused, we get it. Even those of us who have made a career of studying, tasting, and traveling for wine know that come the holidays, we’ll find ourselves spending time with friends and family who want to spend their time chatting and catching up, not waxing philosophical about the next cork that gets pulled. Of course, they’ll ask us to bring the wine, so what do we do? We choose great, fresh wines that are easy to drink, pair well with a wide variety of foods, and are sure to please a diverse group of people with all different tastes and wine drinking experiences. Wine doesn’t always need to be the star of the meal, and with the right bottles everyone will be happy, conversation will flow, the food will taste even better, and the evening will be a smashing success. Here’s what you get in each six pack:

  • 2 bottles of crisp, fresh, dry white wine
  • 2 bottles of silky, medium bodied red wine
  • 2 bottles of rich, spicy, full bodied red wine

You can put these bottles on the table with full confidence that everyone will thoroughly enjoy them, and if they do want to talk about the wine, just tell them your own personal sommelier helped pick them out! We recommend this six pack for a party of four to eight people, if you have more, order a second six pack! Please note the “order by” dates below to make sure you get your wine in time for your party, or parties. And please feel free to reach out to our excellent customer service team with any questions.

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