Iliana Malíhin, Vidiano “Young Vines”
Iliana Malíhin, Vidiano “Young Vines”

Iliana Malíhin, Vidiano “Young Vines”

Crete, Greece 2020 (750mL)
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Iliana Malíhin, Vidiano “Young Vines”

Most everyone knows of Crete, some are aware of its Vidiano grape, but only a few are familiar with today’s producer, Iliana Malíhin. The fascinating wine in front of you is the vinous brainchild of one of the youngest, envelope-pushing female winemakers in the industry. We couldn’t be more thrilled to offer her second-ever release which, once again, amounted to less than 300 cases. Still two years under 30, Iliana has stormed onto the scene and bottled mind-blowingly pure expressions of Vidiano, an ancient indigenous variety that she’s determined to revitalize. 

Nestled in the gleaming blue waters of the Aegean Sea, off the Greek mainland and north of Africa by ~200 miles, Crete possesses a deep winemaking history. Believed to have been integrated by the Minoan civilization, vines have been cultivated here for at least 4,000 years, and the discovery of a 3,500-year-old wine press has further added to its ancient allure. 

Iliana’s Vidiano hails from organically farmed young vines hundreds of meters up the imposing slopes of Mount Vouvala, and this minimally influenced white wine has enough transcendent energy and verve to move the very landmass to which it clings. In her newly converted cellar down the mountain, the grapes are de-stemmed and the juice is gently pressed into stainless steel vessels. From here, the wine ferments via natural yeasts found on the skins of Vidiano and matures on its lees, to the calming sound of Cretan music, for six months. It is bottled unfined. In the glass, a highly energetic and textured white wine emerges: You’ll uncover high-toned notes of fleshy white peach, green pear, apricot skin, chamomile, citrus leaf, beeswax, salt-preserved lemon, dried scrub, melon peel, and a hint of herbs. Serve it after a 15-minute decant in all-purpose stems and we guarantee it’ll impress. Enjoy now and over the next 2-3 years. Cheers!


Iliana Malíhin, Vidiano “Young Vines”


Central Greece


Thessaly is in Central Greece, covering a coastal plain and surrounding mountain ranges. Headquartered in Tyrnavos, in the foothills ofMount Olympus, the Zafeirakis vineyards cover 12 hectares, in clay soils mixed with sand and limestone. Altitudes range from 200-300 meters in vineyards that feel an exchange of mountain- and sea-borne air.

Northern Greece


Named for its historic anchor city—mythical home of Dionysus himself—the Drama wine region is in the northeastern-most corner of Macedonia, surrounded by an array of mountain ranges that provide a “rain shadow” effect much like the one felt in Alsace, France. It is a cool, dry,“continental” climate, with soils comprised mainly of sandy clay. The Aegean Sea is about 20 miles to the south.

Southwestern Greece


Vineyards are in the shadow of the Arcadian Mountains, in soils of alluvial gravel and reddish clay that is high in iron. As in other areas of the world with this kind of red soil, it lends a sanguine quality to the reds. It’s an arid, but relatively cool, climate, with wide diurnal shifts in temperature

Northern Greece


The Naoussa appellation is in Macedonia, in northern Greece. Vineyards are nestled in the southeastern foothills of the Vermio Mountains, far enough from the Aegean Sea to be considered a cool, “continental” climate.

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