Sommelier Dinner Party Pack

Sommelier Dinner Party Pack

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year when gathering with friends, family, and colleagues to enjoy good food and wine becomes a part of the regular rhythm of life as we make our way towards the end of the year. It’s exciting, but if you’re hosting or have been tasked with providing the wine it can also be a bit stressful. But we’re here to tell you to relax, we have you covered! We have a perfect six pack of artisanal, one of a kind wines that have been hand selected by our expert wine team to be the ideal accompaniment to almost any fall or holiday meal. Essentially, you have a real sommelier in your back pocket, giving you the best wine picks just as they would if you were dining at a restaurant, that’s the distinct advantage of grabbing a dinner party pack from SommSelect. Here’s what you get in each six pack:

  • 1 bottle of bone dry, elegant sparkling wine
  • 1 bottle of crisp, mineral driven white wine
  • 1 bottle of lush, medium bodied white wine
  • 1 bottle of fresh, lighter bodied red wine
  • 1 bottle of silky, medium bodied red wine
  • 1 bottle of robust, spicy red wine

If you have a mixed crowd with a myriad of different wine preferences this pack covers everyone. Or, if you like to get a little fancy and pair wines with each individual course throughout the evening, then the selection here is also perfect for an elevated affair. Finally, if you and your friends just love to explore different wines, from different regions, and with different styles then this is also the perfect option for you. We recommend this six pack for a party of four to eight people, if you have more, order a second six pack! Please note the “order by” dates below to make sure you get your wine in time for your party, or parties. And please feel free to reach out to our excellent customer service team with any questions.

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