Broadbent, Madeira Verdhelo "Single Cask #078" 500 mL
Broadbent, Madeira Verdhelo "Single Cask #078" 500 mL

Broadbent, Madeira Verdhelo "Single Cask #078" 500 mL

Madeira, Portugal 1997 (500mL)
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Broadbent, Madeira Verdhelo "Single Cask #078" 500 mL

Vintage Madeira is one of the world’s most complex and singular wines, which is why we’re giddy with excitement to showcase this very limited 1997 Verdelho. Aged for 22 years in a single barrel, this rare liquid-gold gem unleashes a devastatingly profound, savory, and ethereal experience with a finish that refuses to relent—truly, it’s one of the most meditative wines of the world. Yes, that’s a lot of high praise, but whenever any discerning collector sees Broadbent’s famous white stenciling imprinted on a bottle, they can assure a breathtaking wine with the power to make time stand still lies inside. Vintage Madeira is the fortified wine yin to this morning’s Porto yang: Deep, bronze-gold, with a clear focus on everything savory and contemplative, it completely overtakes any sense of “sweetness.” It’s really something you have to smell and taste to believe, but remember we have only a few cases. You know what to do!

Pre-Arrival Note: Bottles purchased after December 9th will not be fulfilled until February. 

Bartholomew Broadbent is a Madeira wizard and legend: After reintroducing this fortified nectar to the United States in 1989 and forming a special relationship with Justino’s—one of only eight registered wineries on the ancient volcanic island—Bartholomew made “Broadbent” Madeira the cornerstone of his import company. Today’s vintage bottling was originally conceived some 23 years ago when Bartholomew tasted every 650-liter cask of 1997 Verdelho in Justino’s cellars and deemed Cask “078” to be a true standout. Broadbent’s patience has paid off handsomely, and we were thrilled to obtain a precious few bottles to share with you today. We  guarantee this is one of the most intense, long-lasting sips of wine you’ll ever have, and you need not rush to finish your bottle! Madeira is famously shelf-stable, so you can revisit it over several weeks, even months, in order to savor it on the most intimate occasions. 

We said that Bartholomew helped “reintroduce” Madeira because, of course, this fortified wine has deep ties to American history. If you were living in the United States during its infancy, chances are you were drinking Madeira. The wines, fortified with grape spirit to withstand the rigors of shipping, fared better than the still wines of France on the long trips across the Atlantic to the British colonies. In the second half of the 18th century, Madeira gatherings were widespread up and down the East Coast. Legendary presidents, including George Washington, oenophile Thomas Jefferson, and even Barack Obama have ushered in special occasions with Madeira. In its way, Madeira is as “American” as Napa Valley Cabernet, Kentucky Bourbon, or Samuel Adams Lager. And thanks to Bartholomew it has begun to reclaim its place in the American wine lover’s imagination.

Unlike Vintage Port, Madeira does not require decanting and is generally a very unfussy wine, especially given its world-class complexity. We recommend serving at cellar temperature, around 60 degrees, but you can store it anyhow you like, since it is virtually indestructible (hence its popularity among sailors and pirates!). And as mentioned it can even improve in the bottle after it is opened, but given that these mind-blowing little bottles are just 500MLs, it might not last that long. Poured into an all-purpose stem, or a dessert stem if you have them, it is a deep gold hue with hints of orange and brown. Many people assume that fortified wine is cloyingly sweet, but this Verdelho says otherwise. The sugar is barely perceptible, wrapped in a flurry of savoriness: Dried apricots, golden raisins, bergamot oil, citrus zest, underbrush, toffee, crushed shells, sandalwood, sage, sea salt, and exotic spices, all wrapped in a deep, rich texture that finishes with a burst of acidity and saline minerals. A simple plate of almonds and aged cheeses is a perfect pairing, but it also makes a terrific and surprising companion to main courses like cataplana, a traditional Portuguese fish stew. This is a wine-drinking experience unlike any other, so don’t miss out!

Broadbent, Madeira Verdhelo "Single Cask #078" 500 mL

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