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Blind 6 Gift Pack: Fourth EditionEducational Blind Tasting Kit (750mL)

From the Wine Shop

Blind 6 Gift Pack: Fourth Edition Educational Blind Tasting Kit (750mL)

“Give the gift of our Blind 6 Club without the commitment! We often talk about the benefits of tasting wines 'blind'—that is, without any advance information about their place of origin or grape variety. It's the great equalizer when it comes to assessing a wine’s quality. This is a great gift to give aspiring sommeliers and curious connoisseurs alike the chance to sharpen their tasting skills and deepen their wine knowledge.”

Give the gift of our Blind 6 club experience without the commitment! 

The perfect gift for those looking to refine their palates, expand their skills, or just enjoy a fun way to drink great wine with friends! Six bottles come wrapped in black tissue paper and numbered for an authentic “blind tasting” experience — complete with notebooks, instructions, and detailed tasting notes written by our Founder and Master Sommelier, Ian Cauble.

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  • Alcohol14%

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