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CVNE, “Monopole Clásico” BlancoRioja, Spain 2016 (750mL)

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CVNE, “Monopole Clásico” Blanco Rioja, Spain 2016 (750mL)

“This historic white Rioja boasts a rich, layered texture and an incredibly complex flavor profile. It doesn’t get more ‘one-of-a-kind’ than this!”

This is CVNE’s most famous white, first produced in 1915 and still the oldest registered white wine brand in all of Spain. It is one of the most greedily hoarded bottles in Spain, a savory and complex bottle with a flavor profile unlike anything you could possibly brace for. Predominantly composed of CVNE’s best Viura grapes, Monopole Clásico is finished with a generous kiss of Manzanilla sherry. The resulting wine bounces around your palate like a silver pinball, pinging from salty to nutty to citrusy to creamy before landing squarely on “Wow!” There’s no way I could possibly do it justice in text; the only way to talk about Monopole Clásico is to have a glass in one hand, and a hot croqueta in the other. At a very palatable $30 per bottle, the ‘Monopole Clásico’ offers a heady dose of history and pleasure at a price that won’t preclude a second (or a third!). 

  • CountrySpain
  • RegionRioja
  • SoilCalcareous Clay
  • FarmingSustainable
  • BlendMostly Viura w/ Manzanilla Sherry
  • Alcohol13.5%
  • OakNeutral Barrels
  • Temp.Serve at 55° F
  • GlasswareAll-Purpose Stem
  • DrinkingNow-2026+
  • DecantingOptional
  • PairingCroquetas de Jamón Iberico

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