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Gravner, RibollaFriuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy 2011 (750mL)

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Gravner, Ribolla Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy 2011 (750mL)

“In the vast landscape of Italian wine, only a few can evoke as much fervor and fascination as those from Josko Gravner, a man who, after some 50 vintages, has harnessed nature’s energy and infused it into his powerful, long-aged cult wines. Today’s 2011 Ribolla is one of his favorites.”

For the few souls that still remain in the dark, today’s tremendously long-aged 2011 Ribolla is Josko’s spellbinding, class-defining, skin-contact white. It’s the one that put him on the map as a cult phenom and the one that's graced every cutting-edge wine list around the globe. Quite simply, it’s the singular reason critics began bowing down to Gravner. Every sip brings fathomless depth, curiosity, and intoxicating opulence, with each passing hour unlocking new dimensions of flavor. With over 50 vintages under his belt, nobody except Josko knows how much longer he’ll craft wine which is why we always urge people to buy these rarefied gems while they still can!

This wine is 15.5% ABV. Yes, higher than Brunello and Barolo, right in line with Amarone, and nearly drifting towards “fortified” alcohol levels. You can’t taste/feel it. This is certainly rich but incredibly balanced and pure with pronounced weightlessness as it glides across your palate. In the glass, the wine displays burnished amber and gold hues with immense concentration and viscosity. It erupts with poached Bosc pear, apricot liqueur, quince paste, bitter orange, dried marigolds, acacia honey, beeswax, chamomile, wild herbs—essentially aromatics that don’t generally exist in a single wine. The palate is full-bodied and full-throttle, exploding with dense layers of rich stone fruit, marmalade, spice, and crushed minerals that linger for minutes, especially after opening up. Sip slowly in order to best track its evolution, then, cork it tight at the end of the night and try it the following day. Repeat. As for your other bottles? There’s absolutely no rush—this has another 10-15 years, easily. 

  • CountryItaly
  • RegionFriuli-Venezia Giulia
  • Sub-RegionOslavia
  • SoilMarl & Sandstone
  • FarmingSustainable
  • BlendRibolla
  • Alcohol15.5%
  • OakGeorgian Amphorae & Large Slavonian Barrels
  • Temp.Serve at 55° F
  • GlasswareBurgundy Stem
  • DrinkingNow-2036
  • Decanting60 Minutes
  • PairingFesenjan

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