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Wenzel Wild+Free Collection

Despite the worldwide craze for skin-contact “natty” wines, we only offer a small handful of them each year. While these styles can certainly be brilliant, many are improperly/hastily made, which is why our selection process has been so strict. So, it should go without saying that Wenzel’s “Wild + Free” line passes with flying colors: these are deeply refreshing, highly stimulating, CLEAN wines with superb energy and nuance. 

Currently run by 12th-generation winemaker Michael Wenzel, this ancient Austrian estate is all about respecting nature and harnessing the purities of each grape. Each bottle crafted here is a painstakingly manual process, so while every wine is indeed breathtakingly pure, quantities are always extremely limited. It’s quite easy to understand why when you step into Wenzel’s small cellar in the lakeside town of Rust. It’s like entering a time portal: Adorned with a century-old hand-crank press, weathered oak barrels, and tiny doorways carved from subterranean stone, this ancient property will have you asking “What year is it?” like Robin Williams in “Jumanji.”