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Wechsler Dry Riesling Showcase

Katharina Wechsler is a young, cutting-edge producer of dry Rieslings in the Rheinhessen region, an appellation whose reputation has been completely transformed. Rheinhessen is now considered perhaps the ultimate destination for dry styles of Riesling, including many from limestone soils, thanks to the efforts of Wechsler’s neighbor and mentor, Klaus Peter Keller, whose wines have become as culty (and expensive) as German wine gets. 

What we have in Wechsler is an ascendant star doing all the right things—biodynamic farming, low-intervention winemaking—in family vineyards that happen to be exceptionally well placed. Among the 16 hectares held by Weingut Wechsler are parcels in ‘grand cru’ single vineyards such as “Kirschpiel” (Keller’s sought-after bottling from this site fetches $300+) and “Morstein,” as well as a monopole wedged between those called “Benn.” Wechsler’s pedigree is impeccable, her star is very much on the rise, and her wines are still priced as if she were a complete unknown. 

This trio of wines from Wechsler is in ascending order of rarity, starting with Katharina’s entry-level Trocken bottling which, at just $29, is one of the most exceptional values any of us has ever seen. We then climb up the ladder to her “Westhofener” bottling, so named for her home village, and finally, “Kirschpiel,” from one of the Rheinhessen’s most prized single vineyards. Enjoy!