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The Butterfly Effect Founded by the Mondavi brothers of California’s RAEN Winery, The Monarch Challenge is a collective effort among winegrowers and scientists to eliminate the use of chemical herbicides in vineyards. In addition to destroying soil health, chemicals such as glyphosate (used in Roundup) have contributed to the decimation of the Monarch Butterfly population.

April 18, 2022

My good friend Carlo Mondavi has been on a mission: This month, he and his brother, Dante, released their fifth edition of their “Monarch Challenge” Rosé. The 2021 vintage, produced by Carlo and Dante’s RAEN Winery, combines organically grown Pinot Noir and a touch of Grenache, with proceeds from its sale used to fund environmental advocacy programs in Sonoma, Napa, and beyond.

Monarch butterfly. - 1969-12-31

Founded by the Mondavis and other like-minded growers, winemakers, and scientists, The Monarch Challenge is named for the Monarch Butterfly, whose numbers have diminished by 90% since the introduction of Roundup in 1974. Chemicals like Roundup’s glyphosate end up not only in the wine we drink but the water, too, and the food—not to mention the life loss/extinction of bees and other pollinators and the denigration of subsoils and rivers due to runoff. In short, glyphosate needs to go, and The Monarch Challenge is developing workable alternatives.

To learn more about The Monarch Challenge (and to grab some of the rosé), visit www.themonarchchallenge.org.