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Summer Shipping at SommSelect Things are heating up across the country, and we're here to make sure your wines make it to you in perfect condition.

May 18, 2022

This summer, you might notice a few changes in your shipping options upon checkout — this is so we can ensure your wine arrives to you safely, no matter the weather.


Each week, our team monitors the National Weather Service to determine whether or not it's safe to ship wine to your state.

Climate Controlled Ground Shipping: CCG, as it's affectionately known here at SommSelect, is our first line of defense. CCG gets your wine as close to you as possible in a refrigerated vehicle, but may require an unrefrigerated local carrier for the last mile. Although CCG may extend your shipping time, it ensures that your wine stays in a safe, temperature-controlled environment for the majority of its travels to you.

Summer Shipping


Whether you're traveling or just want us to hang onto your wine until the summer's over — for just $1 per bottle plus pre-paid shipping, we'll hold your selections in our climate-controlled warehouse until October 1.

BAC - 2022-05-19


Looking for a way to keep your wine safe in any season? Build-a-Case gives you the flexibility to purchase wines at your leisure without having to foot the bill for shipping each time a bottle catches your eye.

Current Build-a-Case fees will be waived for both new and existing members through September. Build-a-Case members will receive their wine when summer is over!

Extreme Heat


Unfortunately, sometimes it's just too hot too ship!

When temperatures reach 85 degrees, neither Climate Controlled Ground shipping or ice packs can guarantee keeping your wine stable in transit.

Every Monday, we'll use the 7-day forecast from the National Weather Service to determine if wine can ship safely to your state. If it's not safe, we will hold until the following Monday, when we will re-evaluate.

If your state is under an Extreme Heat Hold, you'll be notified both at checkout and via email.