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How SommSelect Works

Whether you’re just getting into wine or have been collecting for years, SommSelect offers four ways to buy and learn. Select the ones that work best for you and leave the rest to us.

Daily Offer

Our Daily Offer focuses on a unique wine selected by our team of sommeliers. It’s like having a sommelier pick a bottle of wine for you, every day.

SommSelect - 1) Daily Offers

Today’s Daily Offer

SommSelect - 2) Wine Shop

Wine Shop

In addition to our daily offers, explore our bottle shop for carefully curated wines. It’s like your favorite neighborhood wine shop, staffed with sommeliers.

FREE Shipping on any 6+ bottles!

Monthly Wine Clubs

With 4-bottle and 6-bottle options, our clubs are another great way to keep a steady stream of amazing, artisanal wines heading your way.

SommSelect - 3) Monthly Wine Clubs

Choose among these options

SommSelect Wine Clubs - Open Box SommSelect Wine Clubs - Wrapped Bottles from The Blind Six
SommSelect - 4) Sommelier Concierge

Sommelier Concierge

Concierge services are available for collectors in search of the finest and rarest bottles and one-on-one attention.

Just a call or email away

SommSelect Sommelier Concierge